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Welcome to Bella Grace Bows!!
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About Us


I would like to take this time to tell you how Bella Grace Bows came to be.  It started out with my daughter showing me how to make a few bows for my granddaughter.  At first I was a little skeptical about it and was not sure of my ability to succeed.  As time went on I got better at it and was spending all my spare time either making bows or quilting.  The more bows I made the better I got at doing them.  There were so many options and ways to make them and the colors were endless.  Every time I went to a store I would go to the ribbon section and was spending too much money on ribbon because I thought it would make a beautiful bow.  I was enjoying trying different ways to make bows and my granddaughter was accumulating quiet a few so I decided why not make them to sell so here I am.


The picture you see on my web-page is Bella Grace, my beautiful granddaughter.  As you can tell Bella loves to wear headbands and bows.  She seems to have a bow or headband to match every outfit she wears, and since God has blessed our family with such a beautiful little girl I thought it would be appropriate to call my bow company Bella Grace Bows.  Now when I buy her a new dress I will have to make sure there is a bow to match it.


There are so many different ways that you can make a bow and so many different colors.  If you see a style or color while browsing through my book that you think you might like to have a bow made like please do not hesitate to ask about it.    I still have a lot of pictures of my bows that I do not have enough space for.  You will find that all my bows are reasonably priced and all are below $10.


When you place an order I will not make the bow or headband until I have contacted you to make sure I have all the order details right and you have the exact cost of the bow before it is made.   If need be I will gladly take a picture of the bow or bows I make for you and email it to you so you can see the finished product before it is shipped.


Just remember if there is something you do not see please free to contact me and I will try my best to fill your order.  Since I am a new company all bows or headbands are not made until your order is received.  I do promise to give each and every order my careful attention and to fill it as quickly as possible.  I want to take this time to thank you in advance for your order and may God Bless you in each and every thing you endeavor.






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